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Internal reporting to Financial or Engineering Departments will be required to check and confirm performance against budget or Energy reduction targets. External reporting will be required to meet Regulatory Compliance and for independent bodies like SEAI, LEED and GRESB or to Certification bodies for International Standards like ISO50001. 

All Businesses require the ability to generate clear precise reports on Energy Consumption, Waste Management and Carbon Footprint. 


Compliance and accountability for Energy Costs is a significant driver in internal company reporting, so data has to be accurate and easy to read.


Energy and Waste Management reports are needed for both internal and external departments and bodies. 


The Climate Action Plan sets out the measures by which Ireland can reduce its emissions by 30% by 2030.

The Plan sets out a number of ambitious environmental targets for Ireland to meet but it is inevitable that Carbon Taxes will increase from the current figure of €20 per tonne.

“To meet the required level of emissions reduction, by 2030 we will: • Implement a carbon tax rate of at least €80 per tonne by 2030, accompanied by a trajectory of increases over successive annual Budgets” (Section 6.2 page 42)

The Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) mandates large organisations to complete energy audits every four years.


This requirement was transposed into Irish legislation in SI 426 of 2014 and amended by SI 626 of 2016 and SI 599 of 2019.


The Acutrace MVAC Waste Management feature allows Property Managers, Facility Managers and Business Owners to Measure, Visualise, Analyse and Control their Waste Recycling within the same platform as their Energy Costs.

Waste management is a critical part of every business and forms part of ISO14001 Certification and GRESB Accreditation. By providing waste management data within the same platform we have enabled users to view and produce customised reports for internal and external use.

The Acutrace MVAC Platform gives full a full breakdown on Compostable Food Waste, Mixed Dry Recyclable’s, and Mixed Municipal Waste.


We also display what percentage of Waste is Recycled and what goes to Landfill. 


Most organisations have  reporting requirements internally within the company between Departments and Management,. Many also have External Reporting Requirements to Shareholders or External bodies like SEAI.

The reporting criteria will be defined if the organisation is a public or private body. Acutrace MVAC can  generate  customised automatic reports based on the user requirements.


Reporting is essential for any organisation that wishes to achieve and maintain a building certification such as LEED, WELL, BREEAM, GRESB and ISO50001.

Reports can show monetary, utility consumption or CO² data and show Minute, Hour, Day, Week, Month or Annual consumption.


Most Businesses and Organisations have Mission Statements and Corporate Social Responsibility policies. These cover many objectives but always have a reference to a planned CO2 reduction.

Good CSR practices seperate the best companies from their competitors. Customers and prospective employees are more conscious than ever of the ethical record of companies, how they source their products and what is the companies’ environmental impact.


Climate Change is influencing CSR and responsible organisations are measuring all aspects of their carbon footprint to identify opportunities to save and reduce CO2. Buying electricity from a renewable source is great but it does not tackle wasteful energy practices that have become embedded in businesses over the years.


Acutrace MVAC Software can provide solutions for billing and cost allocation in many business situations..

Organisations need to establish costs  associated with rented space, offices and rooms. Some areas we have helped with are :

  • Allocating costs in Student Accommodation within a College 

  • Sub-Letting Floors or part thereof.

  • Billing temporary supplies during construction. 

  • Training rooms, Exhibition Centres, and Sports Facilities that are rented Hourly, Daily or Weekly.

The Acutrace system eliminates the requirement for physical meter reading which is time-consuming and human error-prone. 


Predictive Billing allows proactive energy monitoring and cost management.


With the support of target setting and email alerts, once targets are breached or pre-set events are triggered, the end-user can take action in order to avoid unnecessary charges.


Our predictive billing feature allows the user to see their expected costs in a selected time period. This projected figure will be based on their previous energy usage. and can help with financial budgeting.


This feature can also help the user to validate their bills from their utility providers where they have infrequent or no access to utility meters.

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