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The Acutrace Energy Measurement System is completely hardware agnostic allowing us to connect to any Energy meter in any utility. We connect to all levels of meters from Utility meters to Main Board Meters, Sub-Distribution board Meters and on down to branch circuit measurement.


We use various communications protocols and methods to collect data including Modbus, BACnet, Wireless and IOT Devices and standard pulse outputs. We have sucessfully  integrated and collected data from all the leading BMS Manufacturers including Trend, Cylon and Schneider Electric. 

To date we have used and connected to a wide variety of manufacturers of Energy meters including Schneider Electric, ABB, Siemens, Mitsubishi Electric, Raleigh Instruments, Janitza and DEIF.  We can also interface with all existing Building Control Systems including BMS, Lighting Control Systems, Facade Control Systems and Cloud API's.  All data is stored locally and transferred to the Cloud for easy access via any web-enabled device.


Utility meters come in all shapes and sizes from traditional Mechanical Meters through to Digital Meters for Electricity, Water and Gas. We have encountered them all at this stage and have found a method and solution to collecting data from them.


We can provide readings of remote meters to assist with bill verification. On large sites with multiple meters time is wasted every month manually reading, writing and collating data from these meters. Our reporting tool provides all this information at the click of a mouse.


Many buildings have Electrical Energy Meters installed in Main Boards and Sub-Distribution Boards. This may have been done by the building owner or developer as part of a sustainability plan - or they may have been installed as part of a LEED / BREEAM requirement. 

We can capture data from these meters via Modbus or by collecting pulses. We then transfer that data to our Energy Servers and then on to our cloud platform.


Acutrace can install new meters at every level in Electrical Power distribution in Commercial Buildings and Manufacturing Industries. We install Electrical Meters in Main and Sub-Distribution Boards and also at Branch Circuit and MCB Level where required.

We install Water Meters at Branch levels throughout buildings to give users a clear understanding of where and when water is being used and wasted.


Building Management Sysyems are designed to control heating and cooling in buildings.


A BMS is not an Energy Measurement Systems capable of granular measurement of multiple meters throughout a building or campus that is capable of generating reports for ISO50001, LEED , BREEAM or GRESB.


We have developed the ability to communicate with all leading manufacturers of Building Management Systems allowing us to collect relevant data and, in some cases, we send data to the BMS for its internal  heating and cooling calculations. 


The Acutrace System can measure and display data from Electrical, Water and Gas meters.


We have also connected to various internal Building Systems including BMS, Lighting Systems and Facade Control Systems. 

Within the Acutrace Platform  we have developed interfaces to connect with CHP Systems, Back-up Generators, Solar PV Systems, Rain Water Harvesting and Waste Management Systems.

We also collect data from Acutrace installed IOT Sensors providing data on room and building Humidity, Temperature and CO2.


The ability to collect data from 3rd Party Companies is essential when a business wants to receive data from multiple sources in order to establish its total Carbon Footprint. 


By using an API Gateway we can collect data from other data management companies that  are measuring carbon footprint for Road Transport, Flights, Company Car Fuel Costs Etc.

This approach also allows Acutrace transfer data via an API Gateway to companies that require Energy Measurements to complete their business measurements.

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