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The Acutrace Energy Measurement System measures all utilities in a building  providing the building owners with full visualisation of where and when their energy is being used.


This helps identify avoidable wasted energy - the stuff that's on when everyone is gone home - or before they come in.  Changing Human Behaviour is one of the biggest challenges that any energy manager has - we can help by providing staff infographics on screens around the building to keep everyone informed on energy saving progress.

The Acutrace Energy Measurement System is designed around our acronym MVAC – Measure Visualise Analyse and Control. We Measure what is going on, collecting data from meters and building systems. We Visualise that data bringing clarity to energy consumption patterns. We Analyse this data, high users are identified allowing the building owner or Facility Manager to start to take Control of Energy costs.


This is a continuous process, finding where the costs are and taking positive action to reduce those costs, reduce Carbon Footprint and reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions and improving Environmental Sustainability.


We Measure the Energy consumed across each utility in as granular a method as possible. This may be a couple of meters on strategic Significant Energy Users SEU’S that perhaps represent the first initial targets.


It could also be a building-wide installation of meters measuring everything from Lighting, General Services and Power through to Heating, Cooling and UPS Systems. Water and Gas consumption and Waste Management are all measured to give a complete picture of Energy Consumption and Carbon Footprint within a building.


When the analysis is done we move into the Control phase.

How to Control Energy Costs better. How to Control and reduce Carbon Footprint and Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

How to Control the Building’s functions – heating, cooling more efficiently. How to Control the Lighting System to reduce costs – Install sensors, LEDs, Intelligent lighting systems.


Control will be achieved by implementing a full Energy Plan that identifies an Energy Baseline and identifies Specific Targets and uses the Acutrace MVAC Platform to provide Analysis and reporting of this measured data.  


When the Energy Data is collected, we store it locally on-site in an Acutrace Energy Server, ensuring local security of data. We then transfer this data to secure Amazon AWS Servers in the cloud.


From this Database we generate our clear precise graphics giving users full visualisation of what’s going on in their building. Graphs, Pie Charts and Reports can all be customised to suit the specific need of individual users and this gives Acutrace clients the opportunity to design their front-end to meet their sustainability requirements.


When the data is visualised the user can then start to analyse where and when Energy is being used, and  then ask questions.

Where is the Energy being used? What time of day is Energy being used? Why is heating and cooling on so early or so late in the day? What proportion of my costs are Night and Day rates? Why am I using water at night when the building is vacant? Do I have water leaks or faulty valves and ballcocks?


By analysing the data and reports the user will identify all SEUs and problem areas that need attention.


Now the user has real measured data they can develop an Energy Action Plan and set targets for savings.


The better the granularity of metering the better this plan can be targeted at specific areas. For example Heating and Cooling will represent the largest Energy Cost in most Commercial Buildings. If this is not metered how can you start to plan on how you are going to save energy?


To achieve significant savings and to have a fit-for-purpose Energy Measurement System it is essential that meters are installed on all key sectors and SEU’s like Lighting, General Services, Heating, Cooling, UPS Systems, Water and Gas.


Before installing the Acutrace Energy Measurement System, building owners relied on Monthly or Bi-Monthly bills making it impossible to identify where the costs are within a building.


With the Acutrace system constantly measuring Energy Consumption, the user can see exactly where and when Energy is being used - and perhaps more importantly - where it is being wasted.


By analysing Energy Consumption the user can establish an Energy Baseline, ie what is normal, and then set targets to reduce this while receiving feedback from Acutrace MVAC on progress.

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