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The Acutrace EMS Platform measures all utilities in a building  providing building owners with full visualisation of where and when their energy is being used allowing them to pinpoint wasted energy and make changes.


We have completed many projects in the Pharmaceutical Industry and we are preparing case studies to highlight these projects and the savings and other benefits achieved.

Here are a few examples of the Industries we have worked in.

Takeda Ireland Limited Grange Castle

“Energy consumption is a key metric in the Pharmaceutical Industry and Energy Measurement has become an essential tool in controlling costs and improving efficiency. In 2018 we set our sights on implementing and achieving ISO50001 by networking our various systems to one Energy Measurement platform and adding additional meters. The Acutrace platform was selected and it has provided us with the flexibility we need to monitor and manage our energy costs. In 2019 we became an ISO50001 : 2018 certified company, one of the first in the Pharma Industry.”

Paul O’Brien, Site Reliability Engineer & Energy Lead, Takeda Grange Castle

The Case

Located at the high technology Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Business Park at Grange Castle in Dublin, Takeda Grange Castle is a modern, automated multi-purpose facility with a high focus on Quality and Safety.  The site produces Advanced Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) for the treatment of diabetes, oncology, insomnia, weight loss, acid-related disease, bipolar disorder and hypertension. This large pharmaceutical manufacturing site had an existing electrical monitoring infrastructure in place to collect and display data. Takeda Grange Castle wanted to upgrade this system and required a solution that was flexible with the capability to add customisable features as well as the capability to measure all utilities.
Takeda Grange Castle’s initial scope was to have granular data on a user-friendly dashboard that covered 20 existing meters that were made up of a combination of main incomers, outgoing supplies, flow meters for water and gas and temperature measurements.

In 2018 Takeda Grange Castle selected Acutrace to provide the necessary software solutions to collect data and provide visualisation and analysis of plantwide energy costs with a primary goal in mind to achieve ISO50001. Since the initial scope has been completed, Acutrace has worked with Takeda Grange Castle to grow their energy monitoring systems, as of now the MVAC (Acronym - Measure, Visualise, Analysis and Control)  platform measures 3 BMS (Building Management Systems) (across the 3 plants in the site) and a 50MW MV Power Plant.

In 2019 Takeda Grange Castle became the first Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company in Ireland to achieve ISO50001:2018.

  • The Takeda Grange Castle Vision for Energy Management Achieve significant consumption reduction throughout all utilities – electricity, water and gas

  • Data to be collected through an EMS (Energy Monitoring System) and displayed in a user-friendly dashboard

  • Ability to see CO² consumption

  • Closed EMS that will sit on its Takeda’s network with no data leaving the building and no remote access

  • Target setting – ability to set daily consumption targets

  • Issue log – ability to log events with the follow-up actions with a time and date stamped for reference

  • HDD (Heating Degree Day) – Takeda required a HDD application integrated into an Takeda required the capability of converting gas bills into CSV format which then can be uploaded onto a EMS to graph HDD over gas consumption to visualise the correlation

  • Production Value Regression –Takeda required a solution to visualise monthly production Vs kwhr consumption for efficiency analysis month on month. 

The Aim

Takeda Grange Castle required an upgrade to their current EMS with a system that could incorporate the goals of their vision for energy management.

The Solution

Acutrace installed their Energy Node components in a spare section of a Takeda MDB (Main Distribution Board).  This Energy node was connected to the Takeda Grange Castle network and Acutrace were able to communicate through BACnet and Modbus to the existing individual systems and pull data.

The Results
Benchmarking Consumption Year vs Year and Daily Target Setting
Takeda Grange Castle wanted to constantly compare and bench their usage year on year. This was achieved by displaying bar charts in a traffic light system approach. Takeda Grange Castle also wanted to be able to set daily consumption targets.
Sustainability and Carbon Footprint:

Takeda Grange Castle is now able to view their carbon footprint based on their actual energy used. Takeda can now calculate, track and report on CO². After one year of monitoring, Takeda achieved a 14% reduction in CO².

Heating Degree Days HDD:
Takeda Grange Castle wanted to visualise the direct relationship between Gas consumption and Heating degree days utilizing a correlation Graph.
Production Value Regression:
Production Value Regression Calculation was implemented and displayed based on Production kgs / Total Energy monthly. This allowed Takeda Grange Castle to justify an increase in energy consumption over an increase in production.
Additional Features of the EMS Delivered:
  • Identify SEU’s: Takeda Grange Castle wanted to graph all Significant Energy Users on their homepage, in a traffic light system approach.  This system operated based on a threshold of 5% bandwidth of the previous year's consumption.

  • Boiler Efficiency.

  • Supply and Return Temperature Monitoring.

  • Gas Usage.

  • Issue Log: Takeda Grange Castle requested an Issue log per sector. Takeda Grange Castle needed to record energy events for further investigation and then be able to record the action taken. The issue log operated as a ticket system so the energy manager onsite could open and close issues accordingly to the maintenance team performance.

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