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When it comes to critical plant and equipment like Air Handling Units, Chillers, UPS’s and Large Pumps, Acutrace software measures and logs all key running conditions including kW Power, Phase Amps, Phase Voltages, Power Factor and Max KVA and Hours Run.


This granular measurement allows us develop an asset profile ensuring service and maintenance is carried out with 'real-world' information. This profile will show the actual loading and running conditions of the equipment allowing Engineers to assess the running profile Vs the Manufacturers recommendations.

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This critical data allows them predict maintenance requirements and also predict the expected life-cycle of each unit which helps develop annual maintenance budgets and provide that information back to finance departments.


All Building Owners, Property Managers and Facility Management Companies want maximum efficiency and Minimum down-time from all Essential Plant and Equipment like AHU's, Chillers, Pumps and UPS’s.


This ensures that all critical equipment is maintained in optimal working condition which in turn can extend the life of that equipment.

​Planned preventative maintenance is usually time based and because Acutrace software measures all running conditions we can give a full picture of what is going on allowing Engineers to understand ‘normal’ and exceptional’ loads on their equipment.

This helps when identifying changes in performance or near end-of-life components and equipment.


Engineers and Maintenance staff want feedback as soon as possible when there is a problem. Early notification of an issue will reduce down-time and save thousands of Euro in lost production or damaged equipment.


For example phase loss or significant phase current imbalance on electric motors can be monitored and alarms generated when required. We then send email alerts and alarms to the right people to ensure everyone is kept up-to-date.​


Email alerts can be sent on event triggers (phase loss, tripped breaker) or when pre-defined thresholds or Energy targets have been exceeded.


Emails can also be sent when plant and equipment is due for service based on the number of hours running.


Down-time is not something that Property Managers, Facility Managers, Production Managers or Building owners want to hear.


Down-time usually means a loss of Services, loss of Heating and Cooling, or lost Production.


By measuring the number of hours equipment has been running Building Engineers can accurately plan for maintenance. Our hours run meters measure actual loaded time and are highly accurate.


Using our reporting tool it is possible to see the running hours and running phase currents and kWh loading of equipment.


This accurate measurement also allows Engineers to ensure even duty cycles for ‘Duty-Standby’ equipment. 

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